Worldwide unique solution for everything that moves in the hall.

The future of in-house transport belongs to automated guided vehicles (AGV). Many  manufacturers now offer such vehicles - but with one catch: the control system for a AGV fleet must be purchased separately and only works with the vehicles of the manufacturer concerned.

This poses a problem for large companies that use AGVs from multiple vendors and have to work with different non-compliant systems. And for smaller companies, the price of the control software is often too high.

This changes with TransportControl, the control system for everything that moves in a hall. This means that not only AGVs, but also forklifts or stacker cranes can be controlled, regardless of manufacturer - a system that is currently unique in the world.








The advantages of TransportControl

  • The software runs in a browser interface
  • Planning / Simulation / Production within a window
  • Intuitive usability ensures high user acceptance
  • Mobile access: browsers are available on almost all devices
  • 4 different permission levels depending on the user role
  • Plant-specific user interfaces are easy to implement

  • Segments define the logical sections of the route
  • Real-time changes can be made directly by the user at any time
  • Fast commissioning especially in combination with flexible AGV navigation
  • Route creation and test directly in the browser

  • Jobs include driving jobs and target actions: Battery charging, fork lowering, trailer coupling, etc.
  • Cost-based algorithm always finds the most efficient transport route
  • Transport costs are calculated based on distance, time and route condition
  • Cost change can be automated via script
  • Dynamic rerouting with changed costs
  • Fully automatic vehicle disposition

  • TransportControl is independent of the AGV manufacturer
  • Communication telegrams can be adapted according to vehicle type
  • Combination of different vehicle types in the same system possible
  • Model Editor allows graphical AGV configuration

  • Enables extensive system adaptations without downtime
  • Plant-specific management of vehicles according to customer requirements
  • Complete control of plant logistics possible, without warehouse management system
  • Easy access for the user through JavaScript as a script language
  • Application examples: Interaction with traffic light and barrier controls; battery management of vehicles; custom traffic regulation; area clearing in case of alarm

  • Local vehicle sensors cannot "see around the bend"
  • TransportControl regulates the vehicle distance via route-adapted envelopes
  • Classical control systems work by means of "block operation"
  • TransportControlcan make maximum use of the route capacity

  • Open interface for both internal and external systems
  • Industry Standard REST API for High-Level Clients
  • Extremely slim UDP API for low-level clients


TransportControl operates with a staggered licensing model, which makes it possible even for smaller companies to purchase a comprehensive control system for their AGVs.

Dr. Abaid Goda, Managing Director GS Fleetcontrol GmbH

"The manufacturer of a vehicle does not matter to TransportControl," emphasizes Dr. Abaid Goda, managing director with GS Fleetcontrol. „With TransportControl, we offer a globally unique manufacturer-independent solution".