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GS Fleetcontrol presents its manufacturer-independent fleet control system for driverless transport systems at the LogiMAT 2020 in Hall 2, Stand A 24.

Lehrte, 10th February 2020 - TransportControl is the name of the solution that has proven itself in practice and which can be used to control AGVs, forklifts or storage and retrieval machines independently of the manufacturer. An important feature of TransportControl is its simple and cost-effective implementation. Once installed, TransportControl runs under Microsoft Windows, MacOS or Linux, for example. Planning, simulation and control are possible within one window. Since only a web browser is required for the graphical user interface, the system can be used on almost all terminals.

TransportControl splits the route of the FTF into segments that can be edited individually. This allows the user to quickly implement real-time changes to the route at any time without having to reset the system each time. The software also uses an algorithm to continuously and independently optimize the routes of the managed AGV.

The communication between TransportControl and the AGVs of different manufacturers takes place via specifically adapted telegrams based on the UDP industry standard. In this way, a combination of different vehicle types in the same system is possible. To realize this, TransportControl is based on a core to which several modules are coupled. One module is the scripts that communicate with the core; another module are templates for the models of the various manufacturers. Scripts and templates are independent objects that can be created and modified by the users themselves if desired. TransportControl comes with the appropriate toolbox.

"In order to make wide-ranging system adaptations as easy as possible for our customers, we have opted for JavaScript for the script language", explains Dr. Abaid Goda, Managing Director of GS Fleetcontrol. "On request, we offer a range of services, from the creation of specific scripts to the integration of new FTF models. In addition, we work together with various FTF manufacturers and research institutes, thus continuously expanding our know-how in automation technology".

In cooperation with Götting KG, we will be presenting the various functions and possible applications of TransportControls at our stand, using a showcase.

The advantages of TransportControl:


·        Compatible - through browser interface

·        Flexible - changes in real time

·        Efficient - Self optimizing

·        Independent - Every AGV possible

·        Scalable – Suitable for small and large customers

·        Dynamic – through traffic control

·        Networkable - interface according to industry standard


GS Fleetcontrol GmbH

The company, based in Lehrte/Lower Saxony, is a joint venture between Schnellecke Logistics and Götting KG. Managing director is Dr. Abaid Goda, formerly Senior Manager IT at Schnellecke Logistics. GS Fleetcontrol specializes in the development and sale of TransportControl, a control system for driverless transport vehicles (FTF) and was founded in 2017.



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