08.04.2019 | 


GS Fleetcontrol has released the new TransportControl version 2.8.

Release Notes 2.8 (08.04.2019)


Version 2.8.3


  • NO_TARGET status not triggered for jobs with impossible orders
  • job assignment to vehicles that are offline


Version 2.8.2


  • lock function not working for all resource types
  • upload of legacy scripts (*.js files) not working
  • contour select via frame also selects hidden layers
  • newly created vehicles disregard current visibility mode



  • clean angles for segment start and end while drawing
  • script startup as property with toggle button
  • new time picker replaces three-selects-type
  • orange LED to indicate resource lock


Version 2.8.0

New core features

  •  job priority influence for cost calculation
  •  ability to set custom job ID via REST PUT
  •  locker to prevent modification of resources
  •  license upload without server restart
  •  secure password management Part 1: encrypted storage
  •  user passwords may now contain Unicode characters
  •  target update function works with byte content
  •  1472 bytes as new maximum UDP payload size   (including CRC16)
  •  self lockout prevention for last admin


UI improvements

  •  warning for licence expiration
  •  showing variable value with JSON formatting in table   details box
  •  removed local storage for user credentials in favor of   browsers native keystore
  •  unmask password option for login dialog
  •  showing UI loading progress after login
  •  showing last modification time of all resources
  •  more space for long IDs in segment drop down list


Script API changes

  •  Target.setError for dynamic input telegram length



  •  segment file import with null labels breaks segOrLabel   searches
  •  icons clash with IE's own password clear/reveal buttons