05.12.2018 | 

TransportControl Version 2.7

GS Fleetcontrol has released the new TransportControl version 2.7.

Release Notes 2.7  (5.12.2018)


New core features

  • TransportControl DuraCore™

      - errors in one of the resource managers won't stop core loop anymore

      - errors are displayed in UI via red PANIC button and can be cleared without restart

      - errors catched and logged inside TransportControl; no need to search servlet container logs anymore

  • single file database for configuration instead of config folder with JSON files
  • changeable timeout for UDP server sockets
  • Settings changeable for admins without restart
  • Job manager: cost penalty for targets with no progress
  • auto recreation of simulated targets after server restart
  • logging of segment changes of Targets
  • logging of job assignment and completion of Targets
  • logging of status changes of Jobs
  • moved logging of Target errors to level FINE


UI improvements

  • improved Script editor with autosize frame, line number column and syntax highlighting
  • vehicle load visualization based on Target status via databit entry in model SVG
  • JSON download/upload for all resources
  • showing core loop load in ms for each entry in Script table
  • showing number of lines for each entry in Script table
  • colored responsibility column for admins based on user role
  • moving a box won't scroll content anymore


New Script API functions

  • h.setGlobal / h.getGlobal -> allows direct variable exchange across scripts
  • h.log -> persistent file logging from inside scripts
  • h.stringify -> convert any object to JSON string (JSON.stringify can't convert Java objects)
  • h.isInsideContour -> new function overload for Segments
  • h.getSegIdsInsideContour -> returns all Segments inside given Contour as array
  • h.hasJob / h.getJob -> new overloads with userId parameter for filtering
  • h.setVarProperty / h.setJobProperty -> replacement for removed Resource.setProperty
  • Resource.getProperties -> returns all properties of any resource as list
  • Job.getCompletionTime -> returns estimated completion time including deviation
  • Job.getProgress -> returns current job progress
  • Job.getCurrentDestSegId -> returns Segment ID of current order destination
  • Sim.setError -> switch errors of simulated Targets for testing



  • stop sign intersection check crashes for Targets without envelope
  • job manager timing problems and inaccurate progess calculations
  • exception in GSON serialization because of NaN values



  • config folder inside server file system will be ignored
  • removed script access of Resource.setProperty for security reasons
  • removed deprecated functions h.isClosed and h.isBlocked