Schnellecke Logistics: Innovative pacemaker in logistics

Prof. Rolf Schnellecke ©Lars Landmann

Innovation has been part of Schnellecke's DNA from the very beginning. " With value-added logistics, Rolf Schnellecke has entered completely new territory in the forwarding 

industry and developed a successful business model with great foresight that has shaped an entire industry," says Anita Würmser, executive jury chairperson of the Logistics Hall of Fame, explaining the decision of the international jury of experts to admit Rolf Schnellecke to this renowned institution in 2018.

Schnellecke could claim to have significantly influenced and further developed automotive logistics beyond the boundaries of his company. “His early approaches to expand the pure transport and storage processes and to offer value-added services and production activities as an outsourcing partner were visionary and had a ground-breaking influence on automotive logistics,” according to the jury's statement.

This innovative strength characterizes Schnellecke to this day. RFID, Google Glass, Internet of Things, Kinect, Air Drones, Cloud - in many areas Schnellecke has been the first to use new technologies in recent years. This experience has now also flowed into the new product TransportControl.

One of the world's leading logistics companies

The Schnellecke Group is one of the world's leading logistics service providers in the automotive sector. Schnellecke provides all services for efficient supply and value chains and develops tailor-made concepts for its customers, which increase their efficiency and ensure process reliability.

Supply Chain Management across different countries and continents is the Schnellecke Group’s strength. From more than 70 own sites in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Asia, the company controls and optimizes supply streams, takes on kitting, the assembly of components and the pre-assembly and finishing of complete modules, and delivers just in time and just in sequence to the assembly lines of automobile manufacturers.

With its Logistics and Transport divisions, Schnellecke covers a wide range of seamlessly integrated services. This range is rounded off by the Production division.

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